RBN Africa is an organisation that offers freight forwarders the unique opportunity to boost their visibility with prospective customers. The primary focus of the company is on freight forwarders with the smallest specialists in groupage. The RBN Africa mobile app performed as expected, and our development team is always on standby to stabilise or improve the app after it went live. The RBN Africa mobile app had very few glitches or bugs.

Before we dive into looking at some of the fantastic features and functionalities of the RBN Africa app, let us explain what mobile is and some of its benefits.


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A Mobile app and its Benefits


The mobile app stands for application on a mobile device. It is different from web applications and mobile websites. A mobile app is just an application that can be installed on a mobile device and used by the users to operate a business. The application itself is like a desktop application but is designed for mobile devices. A mobile app is a tool that makes it very easy for companies to reach their customers and carry out all operations easily. The flexibility of a mobile app is fantastic. A mobile app can be used for every aspect of your business.

You may also refer to a mobile app as a personalised application available to clients on any mobile app platform. This means that even though they are accessing a computer, a mobile device is also required to run the app.

Mobile apps are a powerful business solution that is changing the game for businesses. They are mobile software that is controlled directly from a mobile device. Today, many companies use a mobile app as a tool to maintain strong competition and market dominance. So, if a business does not use a mobile app, it may eventually lose its customers. Also, If your business website is too complicated and challenging to use, a mobile app is a better choice for your business. It is more efficient to run an app on the phone rather than a website because it allows the user to access information quickly. It is easier to sell items from a mobile app than from a website.

Mobile App for your Business

You need a mobile app dev company with appropriate skills to develop the right app for your business. If you have just started a business, it is best that you use all the resources available to create an app for your business. Sometimes, the problems caused by mobile apps can get complicated as you go ahead, which can prove to be a significant challenge, but with the right mobile app dev support services, you can easily handle such problems.

Using a mobile app is a great experience, especially when your business is just starting to get popular. Another plus is business development. People spend more time on their phones than on desktops, so it is safe to say that mobile apps will significantly benefit your business. It allows you to quickly find customers, manage them properly and grow your business.

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Features of RBN Africa Mobile App

1.Search Function

RBN Africa has a search function meant to ease the search of products and services on the mobile app. This feature is handy for the users and serves as an escape whenever users get lost on the app. It is a function that allows the users to go directly with their search and make their orders with the most specific matching search results.

The search bar is essential to consider for any mobile application that cares about ensuring an excellent user experience. This is because it plays a significant role in how the users search on the mobile app and use it as software. The search bar that Geeks Global Solutions built for RBN Africa is exceptional because it uses keywords to search and return the right results. All users need to type their query into the search box then click to see the best results within seconds.

The search bar allows users to search for product categories, products and other services that RBN Africa offers its customers.

2.Secure Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are essential in e-commerce websites and mobile applications that offer paid services. They are the medium through which monetary transactions are initiated, recorded, processed, accepted or declined online. The method of payment processing is fast, convenient and safe for customers.

RBN Africa has secure payment gateways that allow customers to make payments through seamless online processes on the app. It is integrated in a very safe way to lessen or even eradicate the possibility of payment fraud and to make the payment system very fast and easy for everyone on the mobile app.

RBN gateway uses data encryption to keep credit card details secure and protected from cybercriminal elements. So, once a customer is ready to pay for a service, the customer can click to select a preferred payment gateway option, enter credit card details, and proceed to make payment.

Payments are processed and confirmed/declined within seconds.

3.Place orders, Cancel Orders, Modify Orders.

RBN Africa has an order management dashboard that allows all customers to place, cancel or modify their orders using the mobile app. This is an essential feature because it makes many things more accessible and shows an excellent level of transparency from the company.

Also, customers can have control over their orders and have a sense of ownership because they get excellent and reliable notification about their charges. Since they can modify their order and even cancel an order, RBN Africa will be seen as a credible company with customer satisfaction at heart.

The order management allows RBN Africa to have a soundtrack record of all transactions performed by each customer on the app, making it easier to offer the best-personalised customer support services. Customers can also see the history of their activities on the app, and if they want to repeat some of these orders, it is very easy for them.

Order management gives RBN Africa the ease of data control used for managing payment to deliveries of orders to customers. This is a critical factor for any online business company. They also have an advantage in analysing the data available and using them to make an informed decision on the future of the business, especially on how to improve on their services.

4.Create Account

Every user must create an account on the mobile app and log in using a username and a password for security reasons and allow RBN to control the app's security easily.

5.User Dashboard

Every registered user is immediately given access to a personal dashboard where relevant information about their activities on the app is visible to them. Users can access information like their usernames, orders, deliveries, cancelled orders and modified orders.

6.Technology Stack

The RBN Africa mobile application was built by Geeks Global Solutions, and they used different app development stacks to develop the product. The dev tools include Flutter, Firebase, PHP, WordPress and MySQL. The user interface is top-notch with a high level of responsiveness, and the mobile app is cross-platform.

The RBN Africa mobile app performed as expected, and our development team is always on standby to stabilise or improve the app after it went live. Perhaps the app should allow your customers to quickly find their ideal products and place an order online, just like the RBN Mobile app.

If you need a similar mobile app for your business, kindly reach out to us, and we will discuss how best to serve you and help you build the best mobile app for your business.


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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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