Internet of things

Connecting Technology Dots

IOT represents a general concept for the ability of network devices to sense and collect data from the world around us, and then share that data across the Internet where it can be processed and utilized for various interesting purposes.

The IOT represents an evolution in which objects are capable of interacting with other objects.

Hospitals can monitor and regulate pacemakers long distance, factories can automatically address production line issues and hotels can adjust temperature and lighting according to a guest's preferences, to name just a few examples.

Furthermore, as the number of devices connected to the Internet continues to grow exponentially, your organisation's ability to send, receive, gather, analyze and respond to events from any connected device increases as well.


Geeks Global Solutions can help put the Internet of Things to work for you by giving you the ability to:

Connect millions of objects and millions of events on the Internet.

Unlock information in systems of record.

Optimize business results with local decision-making.

Support new systems of interaction with people, mobile devices, sensors, machines and applications.

Receive and respond to events in near-real time.

Conduct business virtually anywhere and anytime, using almost any device.