Hiring a dedicated mobile application developer

Create an application with expertise and experience

Hire a dedicated mobile developer from Geeks Global Solutions to generate maximum return on your IT investments and capitalize on increased sales opportunities. About 75% of the world’s population use mobile or cell phones, and around 6 billion active mobile subscriptions worldwide. For companies, having their brand on these devices is a simple way to engage customers and build brand loyalty. With the presence of different platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows, it is difficult to find mobile application developers whose skills span across multiple platforms.

Geeks Global Solutions has a strong team of mobile application developers and specialized amplifiers. Programmers who have the skills and experience in developing applications across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and Hybrid or cross platforms. We offer our clients total flexibility in reducing short or extended projects once the minimum term is completed. For customers, this means better control of the development process from start to finish. When mobile devices become a lifestyle, there is a growing demand for mobile developers who can design applications for various platforms and devices.

You can hire our developer and dedicated mobile application programmers to get the best of benefits in developing your mobile app, your way. We offer complete options to select from the large number of resources and select the recruitment package that suits you best.

Key Features of Hiring Dedicated Mobile Application Developer:
  • Significant savings on internal development
  • All materials & Software resources and office infrastructure already in place
  • Your full involvement and direct control – through dedicated high speed
  • Live communications and conversational capabilities
  • Strong and experienced leadership to manage a group of dedicated software professionals
  • Risk minimization, no need for full-time staff or contractors
  • Comprehensive protection of intellectual property
  • Secure development environment with firewall, password, and encryption protection
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Cancel the agreement at any time with 7 days notice
  • If the affected developer leaves his commitment with us, we offer a free one-week job for the Knowledge transfer
  • Robust infrastructure, uninterrupted Internet, hardware and software required
  • 160 hours of guaranteed work per month
  • 100% transparent, visible and controllable development using the online project management system
  • Daily reports, direct communication (Skype, phone), fast response to e-mail
  • Proper task estimation and quality development