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The mobile app development industry keeps growing rapidly, with no end in sight and developers are always on the lookout for new frameworks, gadgets, and libraries that can enable them to create mobile apps faster without sacrificing quality. This has led to the discovery of Flutter. But why Flutter for Mobile App Development, you ask?

Flutter is a widely known and esteemed UI development system that was introduced by Google in 2017. Today, even the best Flutter App Development Company in Ghana and Canada relies heavily on the system to build quality apps for both national and international clients. Driving brands such as Alibaba Group, EMAAR, Philips, Hamilton, Grab, Google Ads, etc. put a lot of confidence in Flutter for helping them create highly innovative and powerful app interfaces. Flutter development is not limited to mobile applications but has now been extended to include web apps and you can hire Flutter app developers to handle both for you. Google recently rolled out a preview version of the same. As a web platform, Flutter is used to compile existing code written in Dart into HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This creates a program that can summarily be embedded directly into web browsers and deployed right on the web browsers for mass usage.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform SDK (Software Development Kit) for building mobile applications for both iOS and Android operating systems. It comes as a set, complete with widgets, a dynamic framework as well as other tools that a versatile developer would require in order to build a functional and attractive mobile application. Flutter is endued with a layered structure, which makes it possible for developers to build attractive and highly customized app solutions in far less time without compromising in any way with performance. Working with a suitable Flutter App Development Company in Ghana will therefore help you oversee your project from start to finish. Moreover, making changes within the Flutter codebase is far easier, quicker, and more comfortable since it owns a hot reload feature that adequately reflects instant changes in the codebase in milliseconds. So when you hire Flutter app developers, it would be easy to request for changes if you want any in your project.

Key Features of Flutter Development
  • Flutter is open-source and free to use.
  • The system has an auto-reload feature that is similar to what is found in React Native – known as Hot Reload – which permits developers to view real-time changes in output at the same time while changing the code itself.
  • Flutter is based on the Dart programming language, which is somewhat new but incredibly easy to learn or get started with.
  • Flutter comes loaded with Cupertino widgets for iOS application development and material design widgets for Android app development.
  • It has UI components which facilitate the building of functional and visually appealing applications for both iOS and Android operating systems
  • Utilizes the C++ rendering engine

Once you have decided on the best Flutter App Development Company in Ghana to use for your project, you can be sure that these features will be captured in-App development process.

Key Features of Flutter Development
What Has Been Done Thus Far with Flutter Development?

Flutter App Development Company in Ghana is one sector that has gained popularity in the tech world. Thousands of hours have been poured into Flutter development before it was ready for use. Google engineers have generally worked on the following:

  • Tooling for Visual Studio Code and Android Studio
  • Major parts of the engine/system to enhance performance.
  • Support for more Firebase APIs
  • Support for development on Windows
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • Accessibility and internationalization
  • Good documentation
  • Support for charts, online video, and ads
Why Should You Consider Flutter for Mobile App Development?

Flutter for mobile app development has several advantages for corporations or businesses, especially when compared to Xamarin, another cross-platform framework and you should put this in mind when you want to hire Flutter app developers. But then, like every other item that has benefits, it also has a few drawbacks. The #1 drawback that you should know is that it lacks support, especially within the community of developers. Other disadvantages include lack of Video, OpenGL, Maps, and Accessibility support. But when you hire Flutter app developers that are reputable, they will ensure that everything works seamlessly. Here are some reasons why you should consider Flutter for mobile app development:

Why Should You Consider Flutter for Mobile App Development?
Most Effective Utilization of Widgets

Flutter comes with an organized featurization of all the libraries that are available and combined to create an app. This protective game plan of gadgets can be sufficiently altered for building UI designs.

Flutter gadgets have an awareness of visual nuances, which is the explanation utilized by some of the popular brands for app development.

Flutter is used for creating apps in numerous categories. Part of the zones in which Flutter has been trusted for imperative UI includes utility, wellness, redirection, social, eCommerce, wellbeing, etc. This means that you can have a suitable Flutter App Development Company in Ghana and USA help you with great customized options for your project.

Manifestation of PWA (Progressive Web App)

Flutter enables existing mobile apps to be packaged as a PWA (Progressive Web App). This causes an app to interface swiftly with an increasingly broad arrangement of gadgets. It also encourages app developers to create and enjoy dynamic UI components to existing web apps. Moreover, Flutter is said to facilitate Google’s restrictive operating system-Fuchsia when it hits the market.

Highly Beneficial

Flutter is seen as a pretty solid contender of React Native, the Java-based system for creating mobile app UI, which is a remarkable structure, but not as robust as Flutter. Despite that, there are clear-cut differences between these two unique systems. Flutter has an edge to mobile app development with respect to the execution, feel, and appearances of the UI sections. And can also be utilized for web and work region development.

Perfect for Use for Cross-Platform Application Development

Flutter has empowered app developers basically with its procedure of once to code, build, accumulate, and deploy for different platforms. The system supports and strengthens the use of a single codebase for iOS and Android development. At any rate, Flutter will eventually assist web and work zone development.

Facilitates the Building of High-performing Mobile Applications

Flutter makes use of Dart programming language, which makes it incredibly easier for app developers to create transitions and animations that can run at an incredible pace of 60 frames per second. Flutter apps do not require any expansion between the programming language and UI sections. That is to say that an app that is collected using Flutter has much better execution.

Increased Popularity

Flutter is continually being worked on to enhance its capability and make the Flutter app work perfectly with work areas. This will enable developers to create apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS in the future. Another noteworthy development that is ongoing is the installation of IoT innovations with the Flutter platform later on.

Ideal Approach for Effective Marketing

Flutter has been empowered with what is known as ''Hot Loading,' which assists with reviving the development cycle. Developers can, in a manner of speaking, consider them to be nothing but emulators instead of recompiling the app after some changes in the code.

As required, every minute spent on ensuring things are kept under control for app changes can be efficiently utilized by the app developers, thereby improving the app development cycle.

With the right Flutter App Development Company in Ghana and Canada, this feature alone can be a game changer for businesses.

Google is Gradually Moving Away from Java

Android is an operating system that was built using Java. However, Google has fought a lawsuit against the parent firm of Java i.e., Oracle, over unlicensed usage of Java on Android on earlier versions up to Nougat (Android 7).


And so, Google is doing its best to move away from the Java ecosystem. This is the #1 reason why the search engine giant introduced Kotlin as the primary language for Android mobile app development at the I/O 2019 developers’ conference. But then, Kotlin itself heavily relies on Java in order to function efficiently. Google, therefore, needed a completely different alternative that would have nothing to do with Java. This resulted in the development of Fuchsia, but then Google discovered Dart programming language and used it in the Flutter framework. This is just one of the first steps that were taken by Google to move away from Java. Therefore, Flutter development is another powerful tool that will assist Android application developers, businesses, and users leveraging the platform to migrate to a brand-new environment where Google is free from the battles with Oracle and Java.

Integration with Fuchsia OS

The Fuchsia OS has been hyped so many times by Google in the past, and it seems the search engine giant, Google, is finally ready to roll it out. The fundamental concept behind Fuchsia is to have an operating system that smoothly integrates across all manner of devices. Fuchsia, therefore, is created as a cross-platform operating system that is designed to work on every type of device – from smartphones to laptops and desktops along with wearables – out there. It is believed or assumed by the community of developers that Google will put a lot more focus on Fuchsia instead of Android in the future. But what has this got to do with Flutter development? The truth is that Flutter was developed with the concept of Fuchsia in mind. This implies that any business or organization that utilizes Flutter development would put that business in the ideal position for Fuchsia when it eventually enters the market and this should be one of the points of discussion when hire Flutter app developers to handle your project.

Fast Application Development with Hot Reloading

Flutter is considered one of the best cross-platform frameworks, thanks to its speedy application developments. Native codes of Flutter and ‘Hot Restart’ or ‘Hot Reloading’ features allow developers to view the changes within the code in one second, thereby ‘ten-folding’ the productivity of serious developers.

Flutter-integrated applications majorly depend on built-on widgets, not platform widgets. The size of the mobile application will end up a little above 4MB.

And since Flutter comes with a vast range of widgets which includes scrolling, navigation, fonts, etc. developers can save a lot more time on mobile application development.

Less Testing

Since you have access to the same mobile application for two platforms, it means there will be less need for extensive testing. This makes the Quality Assurance process much faster. And since it is only one codebase, Flutter app developers can write automatic tests, not more than once. Moreover, Quality Assurance experts will have less work to do since they have only one application to check.

Eliminates the Confusing Mess Created with Native Android Application Development

According to some organizations, Native android application development is a big mess. And this is because there are so many platforms and tools which make it possible for anyone to build Android mobile applications. Moreover, one has to deal with the fragmented and flexible set of Android-powered devices, bug fixes, routine updates, and so on. Google, the majority of app developers out there as well as some corporations have started seeing Flutter development as the perfect solution to clear the mess created by Native Android app development. The simple fact that Flutter is a cross-platform development framework makes it a much better option.

Why Flutter Cross-Platform Mobile Applications are Efficient for Startups

Flutter holds a lot of benefits for startups which include:

  • Low-cost mobile application development
  • Attracting more users with highly engaging UI design
  • Marketing your mobile application in real-time
  • Flutter which uses Firebase as a backend i.e., the ideal platform for a resounding success

Flutter is Google's development kit that helps developers to build 2D mobile applications. It can be used to develop full-featured applications, including support for geolocation, cameras, network, storage, and so much more. When you hire Flutter app developers or need to work with the best Flutter App Development Company in Ghana,Canada and USA, you can be sure that they will use this robust cross-platform framework called Flutter to build stock platform applications with astonishing branded designs. With this detailed explanation you can see the answer to the question, why Flutter for Mobile App Development and you have the knowledge to make an informed decision.

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