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iPhone/iOS App Development

The iPhone is one of the most advanced portable technologies that allows users to take explore all possibilities with regard to mobile communication, computing and entertainment. It is one of the most secure platforms available for user.

Geeks Global solutions have team of expertise who have developed bunch of iOS applications. Our team equipped with development and real-world testing resources to ensure complete operation and flexibility. All iPhone/iOS app development and debugging is done using the most competent and advanced software development tools, techniques and technologies.

All our existing mobile application clients can avail of our resources to ensure complete adaptability of the applications on the iPhone Operating System.


Android App Development

Android OS have conquered the mobile device market ever since its arrival. With increasing sale of Android devices, the demand for Android apps has also increased proportionally. Our developers are deeply engaged in providing the best in class Android App Development services to all our clients.

Our team equipped with state-of-the-art technology to customize the Android application as per the business requirements.

Geeks Global Solutions, based in Ghana, provides android app development services to its clients ranging in different domains from travel to education, corporate to retail, telecommunications to real estate.


Cross Platform Mobile Application Development (Hybrid App Development)

With the growth of mobile platforms, the cumulative costs involved in maintaining and building, native and unique solutions for each platform have escalated to a great extent. For clients who want to cut costs and develop hybrid app or cross-platform apps that run on multiple platforms including iPhone / iPad, Geeks Global Solutions has helped them build apps using PhoneGap App Development, Ionic App Development to meet their business needs

Cross Platform Application Development (Hybrid App Development) considerably reduces the cost and effort required to native application development for each platform. Geeks Global Solutions has the best cross platform mobile app development team, providing cross platform apps for all the leading mobile operating systems iOS and Android.


The Fundamentals of Mobile App Development

The mobile app development as an industry has grown steadily over the years and is still growing. With more technology revolutions coming up mobile app development services are being utilized more. In fact, studies have shown that by 2020, the mobile application industry will be netting over $200 billion in revenue.

This is not a business opportunity any mobile application development company would want to be left out of. Thus if you are a tech enthusiastic looking to startup a career in mobile app development or a mobile application development company looking to gain more knowledge on mobile app development services, then this article will go a long way in helping you out.


What is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile app development is at its most fundamental state involves programming software for devices. It involves the process of creating software that would tun on devices like tablets and smartphones.

When it comes to mobile app development, a basic app uses a designated network connection and a remote computing program to bring about user interaction. Thus, creating or developing a mobile app involves building a software bundle like binaries, assets or codes that can be installed, creating API that can be used for data assess and eventually testing out the app on a mobile device. Different mobile apps have been written by mobile app development company with the intent of taking advantage of the various features of some devices. A typical example of this is the the accelerometer in an iPhone.


Mobile Application Development And Operating Systems.

There are two major Operating system (OS) which dominates the world of mobile application development , viz:

Android OS: Powered by Google, Android OS has the largest market base and also one of the most popular operating systems in the mobile industry. It powers billions of devices across the world and due to the open source nature of it's code, it's one of the easiest developed app in mobile app development.

iOS Platform: Powered by Apple Inc, it's the second operating system in the mobile app development industry. iOS is the operating system which powers the iPhone and iPad devices. Though it doesn't have a large market base like Android, iOS has the strongest mobile app development services with mobile apps that operate smoothly with zero glitch.


Every application developed for iOS passes through a high standard test. The results are exceptionally good applications with great user interaction. This more than anything has gained the iOS industry the most loyal customers. In developing mobile applications though, there might seem to be close similarities between both iOS but the fact is that both platforms make use of different Software Development Kit (SDK).

Android on one hand has an open source code platform which a developer can dip into and build apps that can function on any Android powered device. Google on the other hand can provide the Android OS functionality to various companies as long as they can meet certain requirements.

Approachs To Mobile App Development

Specifically speaking, there are two major Operating Systems in mobile app development, but there are about four approaches towards mobile app development and any mobile app development company worth its onions in the mobile app development services should understand them.

They include:

  • Native Applications
  • Hybrid applications
  • Web Applications
  • Across Platform Applications.

With each of these platforms comes with its benefits as well as disadvantages, pros as well as cons. Thus, in developing a software using any of the approaches, app developers should bear in mind the functionality expected from the app, the allocated resources for development, deadlines and expectations for user experience

Approachs To Mobile App Development

Native Applications:

Native Apps are developed using programming languages like JavaScript specifically for an OS like Android and iOS. They are developed using the specific development framework and programming language that is provided for by the OS.

Hybrid Applications:

Like the name suggests, this approach is a is a blend of two different mobile development approaches to bring out and utilize the best features in both. It's a blend between native mobile applications and web-based applications. Fundamentally, they are developed using web-based technologies like CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript.


Web Mobile Applications

Not all developers put their apps on the mobile app store as the case for native mobile apps. Hence, Web mobile application serves as an alternative to app development where the apps can be installed over the web. Web-based applications have a peculiar but app like functionality which includes running in background, creating a link in the device home screen etc.

Across Platform Applications:

This approach in mobile applications development has the singular benefits of being written using a wide array of programming languages as well as framework but eventually, it gets compiled to run on a particular operating system of a device just like any native application.


What We Offer?

Our team has been delivering cost-effective but robust android apps solutions to our clients for years. Our solutions are not just cost-effective and innovative; it helps businesses in attracting potential clients.

The mobile development services that we offer:

Our mobile development expertise capable of working on required APIs to deliver required result.