With the right technology, anyone can be a news reporter. The use of the right technology to achieve this is crucial because it gives many people the opportunity to get those things that bother them to be on the news. This is why Newlookmedia is unique.

Newslookmedia is a digital application platform for news reporting. The digital platform allows the users to create their content from different world locations and share those created content with the rest of the world by uploading the news content on the Newslookmedia digital app platform.

Geeks Global Solutions developed Newslookmedia. With the development of Newslookmedia, Geeks Global Solutions proves itself as a tech company with the best developers for your project.

They developed an app for Newslookmedia that allows people to share news content with great comfort using their mobile phones. Newslookmedia app is designed in such a way that it uses a GPS tool to verify the location of the content. This is a strategy to ensure that the news and content shared are authentic and accurate. Newslookmedia app built by Geeks Global Solutions accommodates large users and still performs great. It has a great loading speed, interactivity and a refreshing user experience.


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How It Newslookmedia Works


To use Newslookmedia, the person must sign up on the platform and create a personal profile. This process is somewhat similar to social media sign up and profile approvals. So, it is a straightforward process.

Once the person is done with the sign-up process on the platform, the person can immediately view all the news contents posted by other people on the Newslookmedia platform and the newsfeed. Being able to see other people's posts on the forum also means that you can always react with comments, you can share their stories, and you can react with emoticons.

The Sharing of these contents can be done with the button and on different social media channels. Newslookmedia platform allows for interactivity on the forum; therefore, it supports messaging.

Some of the news content gained more reactions than the others. This means that the content with the highest responses becomes a trending issue on the news trending section of the Newslookmedia. The Newslookmedia app platform allows users to do live recordings of news events they can upload on the forum. Live recordings are very useful for covering political issues, correct human issues, social issues and civic issues. Other issues are animal issues, environmental issues, etc. Live recordings are excellent for creating awareness and attracting a large audience to follow a happening event.

The first people to see live recordings and trending issues live in the same city where the news event is being reported. They can then share with other people.

To upload news content on Newslookmedia, all you need to do is click and upload a picture or a video of an event in your current location and upload it on the platform. You can add a short description of the event captured and uploaded for clarity. The Newslookmedia app platform will automatically tag your GPS location for every news content that you share on the forum.

Geeks Global Solutions created the Newslookmedia application platform to be highly responsive and user engaging, using the following technology stack.

  • Flutter
  • Firebase
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • MySQL

All these are top-notch website and mobile app dev tools that are very useful for creating mobile app solutions that are user-friendly, reader engaging, and beautiful designs.

What Can You Do with Newslookmedia?

You can do several things with the Newslookmedia app platform, but the two that stands out are;

You Can Spread The Word

Newslookmedia allows its users to share news contents of happenings in their areas by uploading relevant pictures, videos and write up on the platform. This is an excellent mobile application feature for a news platform that offers decentralization of news contents. Unlike the mainstream media, where the chief editor decides what the news is and which content or news report gets to make the headlines for the day, Newslookmedia allows the reporting and publication of information on its platform while tagging the GPS location of the reporters.

This way, interested and eligible people from different places of the world can have their news published.

You can Interact -

The wonders of the Newslookmedia app platform does not stop with the decentralization of news by allowing individuals to upload different news content. It also allows viewers to interact with each other on the Newslookmedia platform by making comments, sharing contents and the use of emoticons. Letting other people who are not involved in sharing the news content interact and react to the news being transferred is a classic feature because it does many things to the information.

Some of the comments on shared news contents can come from people who may have also witnessed the reported event. They will have the chance to either debunk or further ascertain the accuracy of the reports on Newslookmedia.

Also, people can interact by sharing their point of view over an event, thereby adding value and expanding the discussion to hit other areas that may not have been captured or touched by the news reporter.

What Can You Share on Newslookmedia?

You can share news in areas covering civic issues, environmental issues, public welfare and safety, social issues, political issues, human rights issues, education, and animal rights. All these issues are captured and reported on Newslookmedia with the use of relevant images and or videos.

The approach and design of Newslookmedia, as efficiently handled by Geeks Global Solutions, bring about a revolution to the development, sharing and spread of news events and contents.

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Using Newslookmedia: What Are the Benefits?

Newslookmedia comes with many benefits to people and even in the revolution of the new media and news broadcast all over the world. Let us look at some of the services.

1.You Can Instantly Report Any News

On the mainstream media platform, the chief editor discards your news report or tries to tell you what to report or what not to report. You can report any news of your choice, wherever you are, and your information will be instantly published on the Newslookmedia app platform.

As a user of Newslookmedia, whenever you post an image or a video of an event or news, they can be instantly viewed by everyone on the app platform without any delays. It only takes a matter of seconds to upload your news content on the forum.

News should not be delayed or altered by any editor. Instant information should be promoted because many require urgent attention from relevant authorities as they may involve life and death. Newslookmedia recognizes all these and wants pressing issues reported to be instantly published and viewed with the same speed. There are several advantages when news is instantly published.

2.Anonymous Post

Many important news and stories are not being reported and shared with people because of fear. People are scared for their lives; some receive death threats all their lives for sharing specific stories. Newslookmedia has a feature that allows anyone to report a piece of news anonymously.

This is an excellent feature because the real identity of the reporter is hidden from everyone. Also, the issue of receiving any threat for reporting such news is eliminated. Therefore, people can share public interest news without fear of being attacked or even killed. Also, this is a feature that keeps people safe from authorities who may want to have them arrested for reporting specific issues and sharing them with the public. Newslookmedia offers this service to its esteemed users to remove the fear factor in news reporting.

When people can voice their opinions with any form of fear from the powers, we can say that we are practising real democracy. Newslookmedia is people who want to publish unbiased news fearlessly but constructively.

3.Decentralization of News

Newslookmedia allows its users to easily and quickly publish news contents for public awareness. Some of these contents may spark public outrage as many people may be too emotional about it, hence the need for decentralization. Information sharing, especially for public awareness, should not and never be controlled or regulated by a few people who may want to distort the content before publishing them.

News should always be objective, reliable and unbiased, and that is what decentralization is all about. All these can only happen when there is a reduction in the involvement of any regulatory body in the reporting and publications of news stories, which is what Newslookmedia offers.

Newslookmedia, through the decentralization of news publication and reporting processes, ensures that real news is shared until the right thing is done. It promotes real and very genuine news reports by allowing users to upload any relevant images or videos attached to news contents. These contents are captured in real-time, and the Newslookmedia GPS tag is used to ensure that the locations match.

The GPS tagging feature on images and videos eliminated the possibility of using old pictures and videos to disguise them as recent news elements.

Newslookmedia is built by Geeks Global Solutions, a mobile app development company with the best developers for your project. We create the best products for your project with the best use case that makes your business stand out and outperform your competitors in the marketplace.

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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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