Ecommerce websites have changed the way buying and selling are done worldwide, allowing people to use their online devices to carry out online shopping, and have those purchased products delivered right at the doorsteps of their homes or any location of the world. This means that many e-commerce websites integrate ordering management systems in their website to distribute and deliver products purchased on their e-commerce websites efficiently.

Ecommerce websites are excellent tools that help businesses to sell more products to a global audience. They can be built with the best tools that keep customers and visitors highly engaged on the web pages, drive traffic and increase sales. Ecommerce websites can also be created to automate buying and delivery processes, among other fantastic characteristics. Coolala e-commerce website is a tremendous example of an e-commerce website developed by Geeks Global Solutions to cater to different handling processes and increase sales and profits.

This article will be a case study of the Coolala e-commerce website to see some of the fantastic features and functionalities that make the web app worthy of attention. It will also reveal why Prometteur e-commerce development company is the best option for your ideal e-commerce websites.


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What Are The Features And Functionalities Of Coolala E-Commerce Website?

1.Sign in/Log in

One of the advantages of allowing an e-commerce web development company to build your e-commerce website is to know when to decide on including the creation account and the login function for your e-commerce website. Geeks Global Solutions e-commerce experts know all the benefits of having these features on websites.

Since the Coolala e-commerce website allows customers to keep track of ordered items and reorder purchased products from their order history dashboard, it is recommended that customers create an account on the website and log in before carrying out any transaction on the web app.

The create account feature allows the site administrator to carry out registered members only promotional offers and advanced marketing functions like enabling them to add specific products to their wish list for future purchase. A wishlist is a feature for the e-commerce website that prevents customers from losing their list of selected products once added to the wish list.

After creating a user account with the Coolala e-commerce website, users are allocated a simple dashboard that allows them to control their activities on the app. It also allows for privacy.

2.User Dashboard

User dashboard integrated on the Coolala web app allows the site admin to monitor some key performance indicators from a simple admin dashboard. The site admin can choose to get weekly or monthly reports about relevant statistics on customer activities on the app.

The customer dashboard provides users with some feeling of privacy and security, which is very good for the business. The user dashboard comprises different valuable components that are very useful while using the web app. For example, the user dashboard has a customer information section where every customer can access their personal information like names, emails, and others.

There is also an Order History function in the user dashboard, and its function is to allow customers to easily keep track of their buy orders on the app and make better decisions. There is a voucher and also merchandise returns, all for the user dashboard on the website.

All these dashboard components allow the company to easily collect vital information regarding their customers and the market demand for certain products and find ways to manage the store.

The Coolala e-commerce website's user dashboard is fantastic yet straightforward for both the users and the company.

3.Shopping Cart

People who are used to shopping online enjoy the shopping cart feature. It is, therefore, an excellent feature for the Coolala website. It means that customers can select different products and add them to the cart to pay when they need to, just like in real life.

Therefore, it provides Coolala customers with several benefits, such as a simplified payment process. The shopping cart adds items selected by the customer and calculates the quantity and amount automatically. So, the customers and the company do not have reasons for any calculations before receiving payment.

It also helps customers buy and spend the amount they wish to because they can always preview their selection in the cart with a price breakdown before making payment. It is also an excellent way of improving site efficiency.

4.UI Product Display

The best e-commerce websites have clean and simple user interface designs, such as Coolala's e-commerce website. The simple design makes it easily accessible to its users. The site has fantastic features that allow many people to access it and have a positive experience.

Having a simple design is suitable for converting visitors into buying customers because the visitors can quickly learn to navigate the site and use other website features on their own. This means they are most likely to purchase the products and even return for more purchases. Coolala website has this soft touch and refreshing feeling, which gives visitors a chilling experience and easy to use touch that they yearn for in any website.

Also, the Coolala e-commerce site is SEO ready, so it loads faster and has a high level of interactivity and responsiveness to users' clicks. Although the website has many images used for product display, the web dev experts were able to optimise those images and other elements on the site, leading to slow loading of the pages.

5.Payment Gateway

The website serves different customers from different geographical locations and linguistic backgrounds. It was built with varying gateways of payment that these users will find very suitable for making payments. The payment gateways on the Coolala website allows users to make payments using Mastercards, Visa Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer, and American Express.

Big e-commerce websites widely use all these payment options, so they add credibility to the Coolala company. Also noteworthy is that the payment gateways allow customers to conveniently make payments from the comfort of their various locations, automatically processed with a confirmation of payment success or failure on the users’ dashboard.


Coolala website enhanced the customer shopping experience with the Wishlist feature, allowing customers to create personalised collections of their favourite products and save them for future reference or purchases. It is a website component that gives users a positive experience and quickly finds the old product they had stored from their shopping activities on the website.

So if the customers cannot purchase a product that they like, it is okay. They can move it to their wishlist and place their order whenever they are ready to pay. It creates an excellent value for the Coolala website, and the customers love it.

The company benefits a lot from this feature because data on the wishlist will give them a clue on each customer's choice of product, and they can then work towards meeting the customer’s needs. So, the company can offer personalised services to their customers since they are now aware of their favourite clothing collections.

What other benefit does the wishlist have?

The business can measure the impact of their marketing campaigns and redesign them to suit their customer's needs. They can also see how their customers prefer to be served by critically observing the type of product that they add to their wish list. For example, a particular customer may always add products that fall in a specific size and price value to the wishlist.

A wishlist helps the company effectively handle sales of out of stock products because customers can also save stock products in their wishlist and make purchases when those products are available.

7.Social Media Tools

Coolala explores just two social media channels on its website. These are Facebook and Youtube. So, customers can click on the social media icons on the website to be redirected to their social media pages to engage with the company.


There is also a page for answering frequently asked questions about the business and other areas of customer concerns.

So, if you want a similar website for your business, feel free to contact Geeks Global Solutions, and we will help you with the best e-commerce solution for your business.

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