Ledlager is a modern online store for the selling of LED lighting bulbs for both indoor and outdoor uses. It has great features and functionalities that make it to be more than just a website. Users can log in to the website or online store to shop for their best-LED bulbs, make payments online and place their orders. The whole process of shopping on ledlager does not require the interaction of humans.

Geeks Global Solutions, the developers of this amazing website also an online store. To fully understand the amazing job done on this online platform by Geeks Global Solutions, we must take a good and critical look at the features and functionalities of the ledlager website.


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Features of Ledlager Online Store For LED

Businesses have their various websites but not all have websites with features and functionalities that automate the buying processes and order tracking activities.

These are by far some of the services of an online store that forms part of the fundamental reasons for their success stories and in creating loyal and happy customers. Let us look at some of these features and functionalities of ledlager websites.

1.Account Registration/Login

The ledlager website which is also an online store requires every user to create an account using just their names and their email addresses after which they can proceed to login and proceed to do their shopping. These features help the website administrators to collect the needed information from the users and store it in their database system.

The data collected during the registration stage can be used for email marketing and carrying out relevant surveys for the growth of the business. Registration and login also give the users a secure feeling on the website.

2.Payment Gateways

Geeks Global Solutions-the web dev company that created the ledlager online store did a great job by integrating several payment gateways for the automatic processing of payments during the purchase of products on the website. Payment gateway features are one of the best must-have features of online stores as their needs cannot be overemphasized.

Ledlager uses Klarna, Paypal, Sofort Uberweisung, Amazon Pay, Giro Pay, Pay Direkt, Visa, and Mastercard to process payments and instantly confirm payments. The integration of popular payment gateways like Amazon Pay, Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal adds a lot of credibility to the online store and as a result, will give users the required confidence to use their credit cards on the website.

Also, the fact that there are several payment gateways on the website will give users the pleasure of using their most preferred and most trusted payment gateway to process their payments. It also means that if there is a technical issue with any of the payment gateways on the website, the business can still go on as usual as there are other options to choose from in making payments.

3.Social Media Links

Social media has a user base running into billions of people in numbers. These users of social media platforms use the platforms for catching up with news, gossip, latest trends, engaging with their favourite brands, information sharing, and many other activities on the internet. Also, companies use it for carrying out online marketing and sales campaigns. It is, therefore, logical to say that social media platforms are excellent tools for boosting the growth of a business.

The ledlager website explores the advantages of using social media platforms to boost the business by integrating different social media links for easy connectivity. Therefore, users can click on their favourite social media links to join the ledlager online community by following their social media handles.

Essentially, ledlager can easily organize social media campaigns, share information about products and new deals for customers and even attend to customers' queries and questions online.

4.Chat Bot

A chatbot is a modern technology that is used for enhancing the automation of customer support to users on websites, online stores, and mobile apps via automated chats. Chatbots have an edge over having a human responding to customer queries and answering their questions because, with a chatbot, you are guaranteed a customer support system that provides 24/7 services to customers. The web app development company, Geeks Global Solutions, integrated the chatbot feature on the ledlager online store for rapid response to customers.

Chatbot transforms the ledlager online store to a website with strong customer support that offers rapid response to users even at odd hours. The feature makes it very possible to attend to thousands of customers complaining at the same time without keeping anyone in the queue.

5.Search Bar

A search bar is an excellent tool for enhancing and ensuring that users have a refreshing experience and easy navigation on your website. It is a tool that saves customers a lot of time searching for their ideal type of product on web pages. With the search bar, users can simply copy the name and product number of a product and paste it on the search bar to see if the exact product is available on the website or online store.

Ledlager has a search bar feature where users can search for any LED product of their choice and get the results in splits of seconds. So, users of ledlager website do not have to waste so much of their time browsing through different pages in search of their ideal LED product, the search bar makes this easier.


There are good reasons and uses for the cart on an online store. It is a feature that makes shopping fun, enjoyable, and easier for buyers. It gives users the feeling of walking into a mall and using a cart to collect different products which they wish to buy. However, the carton online stores are quite different in the sense that while customers add their collections of products to buy, the cart automatically calculates their total amount and the total numbers of the product collected in the cart.

The integration of the cart feature in ledlager makes shopping a lot better and easier for users. It improves user experience on the website and allows users to collect the different products and make the total payment as calculated and shown to them by the cart.


The rating of a website by the users, based on their experiences goes a long way in determining the success of the business. A business with a 99% one-star rating will not gain credibility and high ranking in different search engine results. But a website with a 90%+ rating shows credibility and will be ranked high by Google and other search engines.

Ledlager allows users to drop their honest feedback about their user experience on the online store. The feedback is given using the five-star measurement scale. As at the time of writing this case study, ledlager’s customer rating index is near perfect with a 99.9% scorecard. This shows that the web development company did great in creating the product and integrating all the necessary tools and features that enhance a good user experience.


Ledlager website is a very organized online store. The products are well arranged under the product section and structured excellently in different categories. For example, there is a section and category for the new products in the market. So, if a customer is looking for only new products he knows where to go. Under the product section, there are other subsections where products with different designs and qualities are well arranged. So, if you have a particular product that you prefer, you can easily navigate to the section where you place your buy orders.

There is also a category for hot deals and deals of the day which offer some good discounts on products at an unusually low rate. Hot Deals is synonymous with promotional offers and it is an excellent strategy for marketing and sales. All of these make it easier for any user to navigate through the website.


The website has a blog where relevant content LED products and trending issues on LEDs are shared with the audience. The blog section is a page dedicated to publishing content that will be of great benefit to the readers, keep them engaged and turn them into loyal ledlager customers. Once again, the web development company, Prometteur Solutions did a great job by adding the blog section. It allows for clarity and the separation of news content from products. Therefore, users now have a platform on the website with a learning platform for LED products and services. Plus, the information posted on the blog is first-hand information.


Contact is a section on the website that features the contact and office address of the company. contact adds relevance and credibility to websites and online stores. People tend to trust your business more when you include clear contact details on your website.

11.Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions is a page that offers support to customers by providing all the answers to the most asked questions about the ledlager business and online store. The section provides all the right answers to some questions that will most likely be raised by visitors and users. Some of the questions answered by the FAQ section include, but not limited to, questions on the use of cookies, questions on privacy policy, questions on security, and many other questions.

If you require an excellent online store to take care of your business, contact Geeks Global solutions now.

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