Having a website for your business is one of the best things to succeed and stay competitive in the marketplace. The website development has dramatically improved, and there is so much a website can offer to your business. What matters is how well the web development company understands your business idea, your business goals and can use their web dev skills to put all the right website features and functions that will drive the destination of your business.

Geeks Global Solutions is one of the world's best website development companies. They have some of the best web dev experts in the world. Their web dev team has broad experience, which has proven very helpful in helping businesses develop the best website ideas and implement them by designing and building their business website, which allows them to drive traffic and convert sales. A typical example is what we did with the Cosy Places Website.

Cosy Places is a hospitality-focused company into hotel reservations and travels in different parts of the world. They deal with different types of customers in travel and hospitality, and the website was built to cater for the needs around those areas. This website is majorly a tool for interacting with customers, allowing them to enter their travel destination seamlessly, rivals and departure times, find a place to stay, and book a stay. All these can be done in few clicks from anywhere in the world

In this article, we will be doing a case study of cosy places website. In this case study, we will focus on exploring some of the best features and functionalities of the website and why we think it is an excellent solution for helping the company achieve their business goals.


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Features and Functionalities of Cosy Places Website

1.Search Bar

The website has a fantastic search bar that allows users to carry out a quick and seamless search by entering very few keywords in the search box. It is located on the website's top page, and it is very visible and accessible to users. The search bar is also present on every page, which is excellent because users can hardly get lost or at least use the search bar whenever they get tired or frustrated using the web pages.

Many online users who are used to different web browsing apps are already used to the search bar function, so they will be pleased to see this function on any website they visit. Everyone knows that travel and hospitality is a significant business area, and there is no other way to make searches easier than using the search function on the website.

2.Reservation Function

Cosy Places website would not be complete without the integration of a reservation or booking software. It is a tool that allows users to easily book their stays in any hotel destination of their choice using the website. It is the tool that makes it possible for anyone to make payment and secure a hotel space for themselves from any location of the world.

So, the Cosy Places website is now a platform where anyone can log on, carry out a search using keywords for their destination and time of departure.

This feature is essential for saving up time and freeing up space for the front desk staff of the company to focus on other areas of their jobs. For example, when a customer books their reservations, front desk officers get them. Notification and all they need do is to make all necessary preparations for their arrivals at their proffered location and reservation.

Also, the reservation feature reduces the possibility of blaming mistakes or reservation errors for the company by allowing customers to insert the reservation details, including locations, by themselves. So, when something goes wrong, there is a record, and the blame will not be on the company's part. When customers know that it was their fault and not the company's, they will own up and still come back to patronise them.

Furthermore, the company can easily collect relevant user data, which will be very useful for data analyses and business improvement. For example, Cosy Places will always have good data on guest travelling, time of arrivals, most preferred amenities, time of departure, and much other information. All of which will be useful for improved customer support services.

Finally, the company can use data collected to detect their best and most loyal customers quickly, and if they want to reward them, they can easily do that.

3.Social Media integration (Facebook, Insta and YouTube)

Cosy Places website is integrated with social media tools. The tools are for the company’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube social media pages. With these tools, the company can easily manage and engage hospitality and travels audience who are the ideal customers for their products and services.

Also, Cosy Places use these tools to attend to customer queries and process requests for customer support or to answer questions from visitors before redirecting them to the leading websites for more clarifications and increased sales.

Many online customers like to begin their engagement using the company's social media channels. In most cases, they start by asking questions and then, if satisfied with the swift response from the team, they proceed to the website to buy the products. This is a ready feature and function of the Cosy Places website.

Customers can also click on any of the aforementioned social media icons at the bottom of the website to be redirected to their social media pages to become part of their audience and enjoy many other benefits shared on the social media pages.

On the other hand, the company gets to efficiently carry out other marketing campaigns using their social media channels. For example, they can send out surveys to get customer responses, inform their audience about upcoming events, new products and services, and many other exciting things.

4.User Interface Design

The user interface design of Cosy places is exceptionally built in a simple yet beautiful way that entices and gives users a refreshing experience. Everything is well structured, from the choice of colour mix to integrating different valuable components on the web app. Even the web layouts are top-notch.

Cosy Place has a finely built user interface that displays its products and services without confusing its customers in any way. The whole design of the UI does not distract the user. Instead, it attracts them and keeps them engaged on the web pages. I other words, the user interface helps in converting visitors to buyers after visitors get a good user experience on the site.

Whenever the users interact on the web pages, they navigate each page seamlessly because of the delicate blending of responsiveness, colouring, and information architecture of the web app.

One exciting component of the user interface is the product display which includes self-explanatory images, prices and locations. Upon seeing these products, users get a clear picture of what they are paying for. If they need extra info, they can click on the product to be redirected to the product description page, where there is more info on the product or services that accompany the product.

The interactivity of the web pages is fantastic and runs very smooth on the cross-platform that is iOS and Android devices. The user interfaces design of the Cosy Places website is a typical example of a well thought out web design.

5.View by Address or View by Map

This feature allows for more clarity on other product listings and displays on the website. It is not enough for a website to have an exemplary product display design with prices and pictures to convince customers and then convert sales. To this end, allowing customers to view the displayed product either by their actual addresses or using a map is excellent.

Cosy Places website is a site that deals with services in the travel and hospitality niche, so allowing customers to know the actual addresses of the hotel rooms and other chilling spots that they are paying for gives credit to the business.

Features and functionalities for a website should be designed and structured to suit the purpose and goals of the company, especially in areas of customer satisfaction and sales. This is precisely what Geeks Global Solutions did with the Cosy Places website.

Therefore, if you have a similar business idea, kindly contact us, and we will help you develop your idea with a clearer vision and goals and then create the best website for your business. You will enjoy the services of top-notch customer care services, all of which will be at an affordable rate.


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