Izii Inspirations Jolies is a France based e-Commerce website that sells jewelry and accessories for your events or decoration. Their products are suitable for different types of occasions and events. They offer their customers custom-made pieces that have that traditional feel and look. Izii Inspirations Jolies aims to provide an array of choices that will embellish the memories of its customers and make their events unique. The signature French style was their strong point, and they needed customers to feel that through a seamless process and easy access point made possible by technology.


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The Problem

The problem is quite unique; Izii Inspirations Jolies wanted an e-commerce website to display an extensive collection of their products to customers. The e-commerce website also needs to collect data on the events they plan to attend, the colors they prefer and match them with a mix of other preferences to create unique collections.

As an e-Commerce platform, they also wanted to have a platform where users can sign up and add items selected to their cart without losing track of their purchases. And since they had a considerable collection for different occasions, they also wanted to organize the items by other product categories to simplify the search for customers. They wanted their customers to have a natural feel of the pieces to decide if they like it or not without physically viewing it.

As soon as we got a full grasp of the problem and their idea for an excellent solution that is technology-driven, we went straight to work and came up with

An e-commerce website for Izii Inspirations Jolies has efficiently given the business an online presence with an incredible array of product displays that allow customers to have the best solution for their fashion styles and choices. Customers can now mix and match suitable designs and accessories for their special occasions without stress. They also get to log in and follow up on their order or previous purchases.

We would like to take through the use case of the Izii Inspirations Jolies e-commerce website to better understand. Let us look at some of the fantastic website features.

Features and Functionalities of Izii Inspirations Jolies E-Commerce Website

Some components make every e-commerce website an excellent tool for growing your online business. According to market trends, these components must be carefully studied, built with the right development stack to produce the best results. In the case of Izii Inspirations Jolies, it is the e-commerce features and functionalities that stand out.

1.Sign in/log in

Sign-in is one of the features of the Izii Inspirations Jolies e-commerce website. It is a feature that allows users of the website to create an account to quickly log in whenever they need to access the website. Creating an account is very helpful because users can have their own dashboards to manage their activities, including placing orders and tracking their purchases or transactions.

Every user is required to create a user account by entering some personal information. Izii Inspirations Jolies e-commerce website is built with a high level of online security, so users need not be afraid of information theft by a third party or issue of their personal information by the company. Creating an account gives users extra security and control over their activities.

It also allows Fabriquuen to have a reliable database of its users, online activities, a good track record of total searches on the website, with statistics of the most/least searched product category. With this information, Izii Inspirations Jolies gives insight into what products category needs to be displayed on the front page and which product category needs to be improved upon.

When users create accounts, log-in is relatively more straightforward because their log-in details are automatically filled whenever they log in to access the site. Izii Inspirations Jolies users enjoy an extra feeling of security using the sign-in and log-in features because they know that every user on the platform has an identity with other personal details that can be easily verified.

Sign-up and log-in features allow for enhanced customer support to be provided to users. This means that Izii Inspirations Jolies customer support can easily offer personal customer support that comes with the user identity. The customer support department also has relevant user information like log-in sessions, user location, trade history, search history, previous complaints, and other essential data that helps to improve the offering of adequate support.

2.Product category

Once users have gone past the sign-up and log-in stage on the Izii Inspirations Jolies e-commerce website, they can now manage their dashboards, carry out product searches and place their orders accordingly.

The Izii Inspirations Jolies website has a well-built user interface design with a fine display of products and listing services offered by the company, so navigation to different pages is made relatively easy. The product category function is a grouping of other products into different categories, and it is done in a way that eases users' search activities.

So, users do not need to go through several clicks or flip through multiple pages to find their ideal Izii Inspirations Jolies product. They can simply navigate to the product category section, showing them different options to choose from to find their type of products and place their orders.

Product category is essential in e-commerce websites because it links customers searching for an ideal product and purchasing the product. Product category solves the problem of users having to abandon their search on a website due to being frustrated from multiple fruitless clicks or even getting lost on a site. It makes the search much more straightforward, enjoyable, and more time-saving.

Izii Inspirations Jolies utilizes the product category function to provide that sweet, gentle, and refreshing feeling for users on their website by searching and buying orders more straightforwardly. Besides, many of these users must have come across the product category function in other e-commerce sites, so not including it on the Izii Inspirations Jolies website would have been a bad idea.

3.Search Bar

Some users do not like navigating through links to pages or taking a tour of the site, and enjoying viewing product displays before making a purchase. Some users also visit an e-commerce website with their ideal product in mind. They have the exact color, style, size, product category, and other important information about the product. So, what such users do in any e-commerce website is to use the search bar to search for their preferred product(s) using relevant keywords.

Izii Inspirations Jolies explores the search bar function to please such users and many others who may like to use it for a quick-find of my preferred product.

It is no secret that users of the internet love the search box function because it’s the fastest and easiest way to find a product. The Izii Inspirations Jolies search box Is like the Google ranking tool in the internal aspect of the e-commerce website because it accepts entries for search and returns the best results using the keywords.

It is one feature that the e-commerce dev company, Geeks Global Solutions, has mastered to integrate into websites to provide an excellent user experience. It is also a tool that boosts sales.

4.Social Media Tools

Social media tools are essential tools to integrate into any website. They make the sharing of content to a niche audience more straightforward and faster. They also allow companies to easily organize their customers in a group and engage them with engaging content that will turn them into returning and loyal customers.

Social media tools are also great for drawing excellent traffic to an e-commerce website and converting visitors to sales. Izii Inspirations Jolies e-commerce website has this feature and function. Although the website has only Facebook and YouTube integrations, they have proven to be very helpful in design and sharing marketing campaigns and sale promotions to a target audience.

Also, customers can easily connect with customer support using these social media channels and get clarifications on any issue they may be having with Izii Inspirations Jolies. Social media tool integration is one of the best tools for companies to enhance their services to customers and get excellent feedback and 5-star ratings.

Other unique pages and features of the Izii Inspirations Jolies website include order management, contact us, payment gateway, and the User Interface Design.

Do you have a similar business? Do you need the best e-commerce website for your business? Kindly reach out to Geeks Global Solutions, and we will help you improve on your idea and build the best website for your business.

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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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