Charme & Character (C&C) is a cooperative alliance of the best independent accommodation at all prices. They brainstormed on the hotel industry and found a serious gap that needs to be filled to help solve some challenges faced by hoteliers worldwide. What exactly is the problem that they found?

They discovered that many hoteliers worldwide do not have the resources to promote themselves; as a result, many individual hoteliers are getting left behind in the ever-competitive hospitality industry because they can't afford advertising and marketing efforts.

Intending to address these challenges, the C&C cooperative decided to create a business that offers hoteliers groups all the collaboration and marketing tools they need to pull together and promote themselves and share tips and tricks of the trade amongst their counterparts. To achieve this, they settled for creating an online solution where hoteliers worldwide can easily join and start promoting their property instantly. So, they came to us at Geeks Global Solutions to help them with the best business website to accommodate their idea and goals in the hotel industry. We helped them build one of the best online solutions in the hospitality industry. So far, it has been fantastic.

This article will be doing a case study of the online solution that we designed for this purpose, taking a critical look at the website's features and functionality and why it is a fantastic solution.


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What are the Wonderful Features of the Website?

1.Sign in/Log in

User experience is around everything that makes a website simple, faster and easier to use. Signing up and easy login adds up to the whole experience of users on a website. In the case of C&C, the signup and login features are built for a purpose that helps to accomplish the overall goal of the business website.

Signing up on the C&C website is as easy as ABC; you can enter their details like name, email, date of birth, gender during sign up, or social signup features. Users can also use their Google accounts to sign up in a one clicks easy to sign up process. Signing up on the website is meant to give users the feeling of having a personalised user account on the business. Although the website allows users to navigate some parts without signing up or login in, their freedom to use some features of the app is restricted.

Since users create personal accounts by signing up, C&C can easily track users' accounts and how active they are on the platform. Having such data can be very helpful because they tell who the most active users are and the inactive users within specific periods. This can also be very helpful in setting different goals for the business in terms of active and inactive users.

C&C allow users to save their login details after signing up on the website. This is necessary because it is a marketing tool for hoteliers daily, so no need to take them through the time-wasting stages of always entering their usernames and passwords on every login. Users can re-enter their login information manually on the website only when using a different device from their previous login sessions to access their pages.

2.User Profile

C&C user profile feature is set up like a social media platform. It allows users to follow each other, and they can see the total number of people they are following on their user dashboard. Also, users can update their profiles by entering their date of births, postal codes, phone numbers, gender and other relevant personal details.

Users may also link their social media handles to their profile by adding Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. The user profile feature contributes immensely to transforming the website into an active community of a niche audience in the hospitality industry from different places in the world.

Users can upload their profile pictures just like Facebook to give their profile a boost for credibility and better recognition. The idea of the user profile is to provide a feature that makes navigation and communication in the platform very engaging and fun for users, with the hope that it will increase marketing and other activities on the C&C website.

The user profile allows C&C to easily categories its users based on gender, performance and how active they are on the platform since they can easily get the statistics for each user within a certain period. Therefore, they can arrange the user profile from the admin dashboard and view them based on their names, sales or adverts performances and other relevant characteristics.

C&C explores user profile feature to identify its users easily and easily study their online behaviours, analyse their data, and use them to provide personalised services and enhanced customer support services that contribute to user experience and the goal of the business website. For example, C&C can study the type of followers a particular user like to follow or the type of content, product and services a user likes. All these help the business understand how their users think, know what motivates them about the website platform, and how best to manage them for the business's success.

The C&C user profile allows users to collect their favourite hotels, reviews, pictures, videos, and history of countries visited. Also, important to note is that user profiles allow C&C to know their customers' geographical locations, which is very useful in informing them where to focus on and where to improve their services.

Every user is categorised with badge categorise which they fall into. The available badges of categories are charm novice, character novice, reporter novice, lover novice and traveller novice.

3.Search Hotel

One of the best features for an excellent user experience is the search function. The search function enables users to use a find-my-product tool that takes them directly to their preferred hotel after entering the relevant information related to that hotel. Oh! The information doesn't have to be detailed; all users must enter the name of the hotel, the city, the region, the country and the state where the hotel is located. Within splits of seconds, the result is returned to the hotel. So, technically, the search function of C&C is built to function like the google of the website because it returns very accurate results to users using the keywords entered on the search bar.

The search function is added to the website to enable users to search for and locate their preferred hotels in any part of the world without navigating through the web pages. C&C website is a large site, and without the search function, users will find it hard to locate these hotels by using multiple clicks or navigating through the web pages.

4.Online Booking

Integrating an online booking system on the C&C website takes away all the frustration of making reservations if customers were to do that manually. The online booking service is a 24/7 service and can be processed by users to any hotel location of their choice from the comfort of their homes.

C&C online booking system eliminates fraud and double reservations for the same hotel space by different customers. Also, customers don't have to deal with being put on hold or waiting for a message from the desk crew regarding the success and confirmation of their reservation. Everything is just done with ease.

The online booking system on the C&C website is a feature that allows seamless payments options which processed very fast online. Users love this automated online payment solution, and website users in the hospitality niche are already used to using such on other platforms, so it's only normal for them to find it on the C&C website.

The online booking system also creates time for the front desk staff of the hotels, allowing them to save time to do other important tasks at their various hotels. So it reduces the number of calls received for reservations and reduces issues of missing money or customers not making payment after using a hotel facility.


The C&C website is cross-platform, which means it was built to work excellently on Android and IOS devices. The website was built and designed by different technology stacks such as WordPress, PHP, MySQL, and Flutter. Being a cross-platform web app allows the website to efficiently handle large users engaging and booking reservations on using the website at the same time.

The website also has an excellent user interface with good design, enhanced interactivity and optimised page loading speed, leading to a great user experience, which is important for Google ranking.

One of the best moves that you can make towards growing your business and positioning it to compete among other businesses in the market is to hire a good web app development company to create the best website solution for your business, and Geeks Global Solutions is your best shot.

So, if you have a similar business or idea, kindly reach out to Geeks Global Solutions, and we will get back to you. We will even grant you access to one of our experts to help you develop your idea.

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